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What is High-Level Waste?
The high-level radioactive waste (HLW) is currently stored at the Hanford Site, the . At West Valley, the HLW was mixed with glass frit (similar to sand) and .

Interim Glass Property Model for Hanford HLW Glasses
high-level waste (HLW) glass needs to be optimized to minimize the waste-form volume and hence to save cost. A database of . Data from PNNL, West Valley .

Energy and Environment
High Level Radioactive Waste (HLW) as vitrified glass is being stored at West Valley and the. Savannah River Site in HLW canisters. HLW calcine at the Idaho .

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HLW Glass Waste Loadings
(West Valley, DWPF) . Rate. X. Waste. Loading in. Glass. Primarily limited by crystallinity for HLW . HLW glass properties are subject to various constraints .

000-00C-MGR0-03500-000-00B, "Source Terms for HLW Glass ...
6.4.1 Chemical Composition of the AZ-101 HLW Glass. . River Site (SRS), West Valley Demonstration Project (WVDP), and Idaho National Laboratory. (INL).

HLW Treatment and Disposal HLW Treatment and Disposal
Aug 5, 2009 . h Ri. Savannah River. – 275 canisters stored at West Valley . –Low level fraction to grout, HLW fraction to glass. Canister. DWPF. • Interim Salt .

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The Real Costs of Cleaning Up Nuclear Waste - West Valley Citizen ...
The West Valley Demonstration Project in West Valley, New York . the total activity in West Valley Nuclear Waste Site HLW glass as calculated for storage .

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6 Tips for Dealing With Difficult and west valley hlw glass Kids

Research Needs for High-Level Waste Stored in Tanks and Bins at ...
The HLW glass canisters produced are stored at the sites until H ~ G H - L E V E E . Storage HLW Glass Logs 1 Failed Melters The West Valley Demonstration .

Melt Rate Enhancement for High Aluminum HLW Glass Formulation
Since the HLW melters deployed in the United States at West Valley and. DWPF do not actively mix the glass pool, temperature variations within the glass pool .

CH and RH Legacy Waste Processing at the WVDP
Getting West Valley Demonstration Project Wastes on the Right Path to Disposal - . 1) Solidify the HLW remaining from reprocessing operations; . pretreated the HLW and solidified approximately 99.7% of this material in a borosilicate glass .

Status of DOE Spent Nuclear Fuel and High Level Waste
Jun 11, 2009 . 2008 inventory of HLW and the projected number of canisters for repository disposal. 275 Canisters. West Valley *. * HLW at West. Valley is .

Characterization of the Process Mechanical Cell at the West Valley ...
John Drake, U. S. Department of Energy (West Valley Demonstration Project);. Ken Schneider and Jeff . and produced the final canister of vitrified HLW glass.

Practice Abstract
Engineers from West Valley Nuclear. Services . waste (HLW) at the West Valley Demon stration Project . HLW in glass via a process called vitrifica tion.

Melter Dismantlement
WEST VALLEY DEMONSTRATION PROJECT . . It will be desirable to remove residual glass, as it is HLW, from inside the melter, as well as that splattered .

Tip #3- Be Consistent in your approach with your child

All the West Valley HLW canisters currently exist. 3. Rounded to nearest 100 . Table 3-5 Total Radionuclide Inventory for each HLW Glass Site at 2017 .

Glass-An Environmental Protector
accommodate an array of chemical elements within the glass structure has facilitated . (HLW) [1] and produced a Handbook of Vitrification Technologies for . Major efforts are ongoing in the United States at the West Valley Demonstration .

Since 425 kg of glass were melted in that unit with the HLW, the remainder of glass . Given the definition of HLW in the West Valley Demonstration Project Act, .

Vitrification Melter
West Valley Demonstration Project . 4.1.4 Radionuclides in West Valley HLW . . 4-1 Evacuated Canister Receiving Residual Glass From the Vitrification .

EM Waste Acceptance Product Specification (WAPS)2.ppt [Read ...
West Valley Demonstration Project (PE-04, January 1990). • Included many of . EM decided to extract requirements for HLW and put into . glass in the WAPS.

The Vitrification Facility (VF) at the West Valley Demonstration Project (WVDP) . The molten glass is poured from the SFCM into HLW canisters made of 304L .

Database and Interim Glass Property Models for Hanford HLW and ...
Models for Hanford HLW and LAW. Glasses. J. Vienna. D. Kim. P. Hrma . Data from Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, West Valley Demonstration Project, .

Control of Radioactive Waste Glass Melters: II, Residence Time and ...
West Valley Nuclear Services Company, West Valley, New York 14171. Slurries of simulated high-level radioactive waste (HLW) and glass formers have been .

used by the West Valley Demonstration Project to contain HLW glass. Each canister was dropped vertically, from a height of 7 m (23ft) with the bottom of the .

In 1996, the SRS and West Valley Nuclear Services (WVNS) began solidifying the sludge fraction of their HLW in borosilicate glass. WVNS has completed .

Alternative High-Level Waste Treatments at the Idaho National ...
Waste Compositions and Characteristics The base glass composition developed for use with Savannah River and West Valley HLW is a borosilicate type, with .

Long-Lived Legacy: Managing High-Level and Transuranic Waste at ...
the Savannah River Site, the Hanford Reservation, West Valley, NY, the Waste Isolation Pilot. Plant, Los Alamos . +....... . . . 21 l-8. Storage Capacity for DWPF Glass Canisters. . operations to immobilize HLW in 1992 and 1999,1 respectively .

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The Help You Need - Defiant west valley hlw glass, and Out of Control, Rebellious Children can be changed!

Slide 1 - Hanford Site
High Waste Loading Glass Formulations for Hanford High-Aluminum HLW Streams. wP - 59388 . Current estimates indicate that the number of HLW canisters to be produced in the WTP is 13500 (equivalent to 40500 MT glass). . West Valley .

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The INL is a U.S. Department of Energy National Laboratory ...
repository is available. Two sites have processed HLW into borosilicate glass and are storing today: West Valley and. Savannah River. West Valley completed its .

Reducing the Risks of High-Level Radioactive Wastes at Hanford
disposal of all DOE HLW canisters should be adopted. . from LAW processing and vitrified in the HLW glass melter and would be . West Valley WVDP The .

Industrial vitrification processes for high-level liquid waste solutions
. wastes in glass by W. Baehr . tives and fusion to produce HLW glass. Depending on the . River and West. Valley in the United States and at the Tokai Site in .

Liquidus temperature±composition model for multi-component ...
Valley Demonstration Project (WVDP) (West. Valley, NY) [1,2] . Summary of HLW glass composition ranges (in mass% of single metal oxides). WVDP. DWPF .

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west valley hlw glass - What can a parent do differently?

Immobilization of Excess Weapon Plutonium: A Better Alternative to ...
On a technical basis, Synroc performs better than glass in a number of . ful industrial-scale vitrification technologies to solidify their HLW.22 For these reasons . years.83 In contrast, the lifetime of the West Valley facility will be only 2.5 years .

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Defiant west valley hlw glass can be Changed!

Immobilization of Excess Weapon Plutonium: A Better Alternative to ...
On a technical basis, Synroc performs better than glass in a number of areas. . For HLW on the other hand, basalt glasses would be justifiable analogs to the . over the next 25 years.83 In contrast, the lifetime of the West Valley facility will .

Mar 2, 2000 . Spinel forms in glasses produced at West Valley [34] and Savannah River [35] and in. HLW glasses formulated for Hanford [10,29]. The effect of .

West Valley, brought about a determined 1arge-scale effort by 00E to process, immobilize . Vitrifying HLW in borosi1icate glass involves many typical chemical .

Glass as a waste form and vitrification technology: summary of an ... Glass_as_a_waste_form_and_vitrification.html?id=beiqr4JtFxIC&utm_source=gb -gplus-shareGlass as a .

Waste Vitrification Systems Lessons Learned
West Valley Demonstration Project HLW Processing Flow Diagram ............ . Many of the waste vitrification projects experienced glass leakage, cracks or dam - .

The solubility of these components can dictate HLW glass volume produced at the. Savannah River Site (7) and West Valley and to be produced at Hanford (5, .

Proposed HLW Dumps: Yucca Mountain · Skull Valley · > Mobile Chernobyl · Radioactive Waste "Recycling" · "Low-Level" Waste · West Valley · Reprocessing .

Journey to Excellence Goal 2 & Enhanced Tank Waste Strategy
Note: West Valley is also a HLW Site (tank waste processing complete). • 310 square miles . Reduce amount of glass produced, thus reducing disposal costs .

Savannah River Defense Waste Processing Facility. 83. A-3. Full-size canister cross-section of glass product SM58LWl I with streaks. 84. A-4. West Valley HLW .

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References for experimental data used in global viscosity model
References for experimental data used in "Glass Viscosity Calculation Based on a . and Phase Stability of the West Valley Reference Glass"; September 1986. . Properties of High Level Waste (HLW) Glass Melting above 1200oC (Draft)"; .

Technology Readiness Assessment for the Waste Treatment and ...
The HFP mixes HLW waste and glass formers to provide feed . evaluation of alternative anticipated HLW glass . West Valley Demonstration Project. Units of .

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Expected Radioactivity in SRS HLW Canisters . Operations were suspended at the West Valley . In June 1996, the vitrification of HLW into glass logs .

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Defining Away the Hazard The Department of Energy's Solution to ...
Fraction of radioactivity in tanks due to HLW...............................................13 . Chapter 5: Comparison to D-EIS at the West Valley Demonstration Project . waste and INEEL's calcined high-level waste would be made into glass logs and .

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